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    Join a Virtual Seminar with Intel CIO and IT experts on IT Best Practices


      The Intel® Premier IT Professional program is holding a virtual event on Dec 1st for a IT best practices refresh. Intel CIO Diane Bryant and a few Intel IT experts will be speaking in the event. Come and join the virtual event from your PC to hear discussions on the following topics.

      • Learn from Intel IT about the latest advances in client virtualization and why it is a technology you have got to keep on your radar screen
      • Find out about the new server technologies that will propel your virtualization initiatives and save money.
      • Hear what Intel IT is doing to increase its value to the corporation while keeping IT innovation on the forefront.
      • Learn how to deploy Microsoft Windows® 7 and next-generation technology to dramatically reduce client support costs and improve user productivity.


      You can register for the event at: http://www-2.virtualevents365.com/intelipip/index.php