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    Intel 945 GCPE Fall in Dirty water


      The whole System  was taken by me to Service center in ma motorbike While on the way to service center I fall from bike into a dirty water ,coz india roads r such a dirty roads ,Intel 945 GCPE Motherboard , Intel E2140 Dual Core 1.6 GHZ /1M/800 Processor ,1 GB Dynet DDR2 Ram, 450 watts SMPS ,160 GB Hard Disk, LG DVD writter , Now i have completely Disassambled  all parts such as ram ,MB,Processor r Seprated , Did i need to clean it with any solution?,And how to do it ,with which solution i can clean it ? ,How long i want to keep it for get Dry ,And were is the good location for getting Dry Soon in short period ,  Plz Urgent Help Friends .....

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          Dirt, Water and electronics do not mix well!


          Best advice I can give is to clean everything with rubbing alcohol then let it dry 100%.


          The alcohol will clean the dirt and absorb the water, but letting it get fully dry is the real key.

          I would place it some place warm (25 to 35 deg C) with no open flames near it (Sun Light or heater vent. -- Gas ovens are not a good choice) for a few days before trying to apply power.


          If you apply power while anything is still wet, it will be damaged.


          Good Luck,


          I have had about 75% success rate saving water drenched electronics this way as long as poser was disconnected wen the drenching occurred and has not been connected since.