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    adding user failure error for SCS 5.0 installation



      I have a customer who tried to install the new AMT SCS software 5.0 and seemed to have a issue

      to finish the SCS installation. After entering the necessary info for use and DB, SCS failed at the end of SCS installation complaining the user cannot be added into DB.



      Then , my customer found the batch file "Add_LoginToDB.bat" and run it. He got the following. Which is the user we are talking here? Is DB admin user or SCS admin user?



      C:\Program Files\Intel\AMTConfServer\DB>Database.exe -dbsvr=dtsql11


      lAMT -cmd=AddLogin -appuser=dt\iamt

      Testing Connection to Database "IntelAMT" on dtsql11

      Successfully connected to Database "IntelAMT" on dtsql11

      Getting SQL Version

      SQL Version found is 9.00.2047.00

      DropLogin looking for user in Registry

      DropLogin Username=null Error=105

      Adding Login for user "AMTSCS_DTGHO01.DT_5Bq{f_W3+S"

      Failed to add login to Database "IntelAMT"

      Exception: Password validation failed. The password does not meet

      Windows policy

      requirements because it is too short.

      Changed database context to 'master'.




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          It seems like your customer has opted for the standalone DB install. If you are having problems there, why not try to get the SCS service install wizard to get it to create the DB on the fly? If it is windows authentication to the DB that they're after, that is still possible if you go through the custom install path in SCS 5.0 - you DON'T have to use the standalone script. Make sure the Windows Logged in User that is running the SCS install wizard must be have permissions to create a DB on the SQL instance you are pointing to.



          Specifically to your question regarding which user - you want access to the DB to be done by the account that is running the IIS services. You don't need to add any more users. If you want to control users that are allowed to access the DB through the SCS Console, then you'll define them in the SCS Console Users.