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    Rapid Storage Technology issue on ICH10R


      Hello all,


      I am havingt some major issues with my ICH10R, and Rapid Storage Techology.


      I have two RAID1 arrays set up on it, but one keeps failing. I am at a loss to explain why this is. The failures used to occur fairly randomly, but now they are occuring often, to the point whereby it fails every time I turn my machine on.


      The failures always occur in the same manner - the system hangs for about 10 seconds, and once it responds RST pops up with a warning that one of the two disks in my second array has been 'unplugged'. Both the power and data cables are welll-seated, so I find this error a little odd. Anyway, this occurs at any time, and has occured a couple of times during a rebuild of the array itself. I have, to date, not lost any data on either of the disks in any of these failures, ergo leading me to believe that the disks themselves are fine, and the error report is incorrect.


      I have read at great length other posts about RST, and the issues within it. From my own personal point of view, no single version has been stable for me. I have always had errors on my second array. The errors were few and far between after upgrading to, but they have been far more persistent of late. I have upgraded to, with no discernable difference (i.e. the second array still fails almost daily).


      All four disks I'm using are identical, so I am confused as to why the first of my two arrays works perfectly (and will continue to do so I hope!), but the second is giving me such pain. My system is as follows:


      4 x WD10EADS SATAII Hard Disks (with TLER enabled to 7 seconds - older version disks, this isn't possible on later versions)

      ICH10R (embedded in an Asus P5Q Mobo) 6 port SATA controller (first array plugged into 0 and 1, second in 4 and 5)



      I also use a UPS, the AEG ProtectB1000bl. I am using the CompuWatch software that came with it to monitor it.


      I have noticed on a number of occasions when the second array failed that my graphics drivers crashed (but Vista was able to restart it), and the UPS provided a message that the data communication had become disconnected. However, these symptons aren't present every time the array fails.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated at this juncture. Thanks everyone for your help in advance.