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    Bought new Defect Dg41TX MOTHERBOARD


      Hi everybody,


      Do you know what i did wrong or is this just a defect motherboard? Yestday i bought a new motherboard for my Dell inpiron 530 pc. When i tried to install the motherboard i hear 3 system bleeps, i seached on google for the possible reason for this and they said to me i have to put my memory out of the slots. I did this much times but i still get the same and the weird thing is i didn't put my new motherboard yet in the case of my old pc. I bought a this motherboard in the city with 4 gb ddr3 ram for $ 175. I think this is a factory fault, isn't it?


      Here is a video of my defect motherboard. I tried so many times to clean the slots to clean the socket but nothing helps. And i worked very alert, i weard plastic gloves and i bought special pc tools for motherboards.