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    3 beeps on DH55HC MOTHERBOARD


      my new intel mobo DH55HC is giving 3 beeps and not displaying  anything...
      i have installed core i5 760 , 2 gb ddr3 ram , ati radeon 5750 on it...  and still the issue goes on when i changed the ram stick , as well as  another DH55HC motherboard and another ram module too..

      i have googled it and the search told me that i have to reset the bios  of the new board by taking out the battery for few minutes and then  placing it back on and also a JUMPER for CMOS.

      can anyone help me regarding all this ? i have also checked the board /  processor compatibility on intel seite.and they are 100% compatible with  each other.

      am waiting for more suggestions. plz