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    DX38BT won't run in ECC mode with ECC memory?


      I have a DX38BT motherboard with a Q9300 Core2 Quad processor, and 2 x 1GB of Crucial ECC memory (CT2KIT12872BA1339).  ECC is enabled in the BIOS, but when I run MemTest, it reports the board operating in Non-ECC mode.  I haven't been able to figure out what the problem is.


      Is there another way besides MemTest to verify ECC vs. Non-ECC operation?

      The DX38BT is supposed to support ECC.

      The Crucial memory scanner says they system supports ECC.

      I believe the Q9300 supports ECC but haven't been able to verify.  Does anybody know for sure?

      My OS is Windows 7 (but MemTest is a bootable DOS program, so the OS doesn't matter to it).

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