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    My First Build.


      Hi and thanks for taking a look at my post. I am going to end up asking a million questions so anyone wanting to help me out will be a life saviour ;p
      Ok, i want to build my first and hopefull only PC for the forseeable future, My past PC's have always been shop bought so very limited to any upgrades.
      My main use for the PC will be Poser Pro2010 and 3DsMax, both are CPU and ram heavy during rendering and are both 64bit programs, i also do a lot of photoshop and picture edditing so i guess CPU speed and ram are my main requirements. I am sure there will be other things to concider along the way though.
      My budget is limited but i dont want to just make do either as this will be a PC i want to use for sometime.
      The CPU i am thinking is in my price range is the intel QX6950 3Ghz which i read here can bo OC to a very stable 4Ghz. I will be Using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and would like around 8gig of ram.
      either one 1Tb hd or maybe 2 500gig ones ?
      I have been adivsed the intel MB DX48BT2 would be perfect so any thoughts from here is where i need some guidance.
      I am pretty green when it comes to hardware jargon so please be patient with me lol.
      I look forward to hereing any suggestions and i am eager to get building.
      Many thanks for reading my long winded post
      Kindest regards,