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    Raid 1 Creation


      Trying to setup a RAID 1 on Windows Vista SP2 Desktop board Intel Name DG33SXG2 Verision AAD94468-500 S/N BQSX734002SC STA RAID 2 Drives

      Disc Controller setup ICH8R?ICH9R Chip set 82801 PCI bridge 2244EB INTR G33/G31/P35/P31 29C0 Port 1 2940 Port 2 2942 Port3 2944 Port 4 2946 Port 5 2948. SM Buss 2930 all Intel. BIOS is DPP3510J.15A.0261.2007.0723.2348. The control I does not take to the configeration utility. The intel Matrix Storage Manager walks me thru the setup for RAID 1 Move drive 0 Over to Save and copy from Drive 0 Them Move Drive 1 to Be the Receving drive then next then click finsh to start copying. Then Drive creation FAILED. No other information given. The BIOS Shows drive 0 as Non RAID and Drive 1 as A RAID Volume. Both the drives are the same 4035 MB.


      Any body know what's wrong and why I can create this RAID Mirror?