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    Q9650 or QX9650 ? advice please :)


      Hi All, thanks for reading my post.

      I own a Packard Bell Ixtreme x6618 with a Q8200 CPU as standard. I have been in contact with Pack-Bell about wanting some info for upgrading my CPU to a faster one.

      Pack-Bell said the model will allow an upgrade for any of the Q CPU models with a max FSB of 1333mhz so the Q9650 looks perfect, untill a saw the QX version !

      Pack-bell cant confirm this model but i dont see a difference  !

      Can anyone please advise.

      I can supply more info about my system if needed.

      Kindest regards,


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          The main difference is that all the QX series are known as extreme series. They are mostly used in performance systems like gamers, heavy applications, simulations.

          Check this link for a quick comparison:



          Both CPUs are of the same family, which is Yorkfield.


          However, the extreme series processors are compatible with our extreme series intel boards only.



          Compatible desktop board for Q9650:



          So as you can see, the two cpus are validated on a list of intel (r) desktop boards.


          Hence it depends on how Packard Bell validates the cpus on their boards.


          All the best,


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            Ok, now i am lost lol


            Are you saying i cant use the QX ?


            I cant see my BM on any of the links you supplied so i can only go with what Pack-Bell have said. They said the Qxxx range will fit as long as the FSB is 1333mhz.

            They wont commit themselves to saying the QX will fit because it simply isnt on there "list" so how can i find out if my MB will accept it ?

            If i can supply any details for your viewing it would be greatfully appreciated if someone can help me out here.

            I await further instruction.


            Thanks again

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              Okay, let me be more explicit to my previous communication.


              In terms of whether the cpus will fit or not: Both will fit on your packard bell since they are of the same package LGA775.

              In terms of CPUs family: Both are of the same family so that in theory it should work but it all depends whether the board bios has got the microcode for the specific cpus.


              This is why i gave you examples how it is on our Intel (R) Desktop Boards.


              The CPU QX9650 has been validated only 3 Intel (R) Desktop Boards, all of them are of the extreme series family.


              The CPU Q9650 has been validated on several Intel (R) Desktop Boards, among them you can still find the same 3 desktop boards which are compatible with the QX9650.


              So it all depends on the board vendor whether they have validated and added the support for the specific cpus. In theory it may work, but in terms of warranty, you are voiding your warranty for the board, cpu and memory.


              This is why i mentioned earlier that most probably the cpu will work but you may not work what to expect on a long term run.


              Let me know if you have any further queries.


              Kind Regards,


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                Thanks again Aryan for your help, i guess getting Pack-Bell to confirm this is my issue then, although i feel it will be a short venture

                As far as warranty is concerned, its out so upgrading this old machine is on my head, i just want to get it maxed out to the best of its capabilities.


                I will email Pack-Bell again and ask about the validation thing,


                Thank you for your support on this matter, i will post back my findings if Pack-Bell are gracious enough to respond.





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                  The real main difference is the QX has a un-locked multiplyer. I would look at your board and see if you have a 4 pin or 8 pin power connector , You have to be able to feed the QX9650 130 watts of juice. If it only has a 4 pin Power connector , Than you ought to look at the Q9550 , 95 watts.

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                    Thanks for the info, how do i locate the power connector ? there are so many cables

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                      If this is a pic of your board the 4pin North east of the CPU is a 4 pin connector . So forget about using the high watt CPUs . Or get a new mobo. If you want a recomendation for a 775 Mother board to use the Qx9650 , I would say thr DX48BT2, It's the best most stable 775 board ever built by anybody. I've got two so I know . One has a X3380 Xeon , the other has a QX9650 , But if you are going to run these high end CPUs , The X48 boards are the only way to go. My two machines can compete with the I-core 750s, in benchmarks.

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                        Thanks Robert, i know nothing when it comes to hardware but the 4 pin plug "north east" is where the fan plugs in, is the fan power supply the governing body as to what power supplies the CPU ?


                        Anyhow, i have a lot to learn, i am going to start a new topic headed "My first Build" later today, i would really appreciate your input on the questions i will be asking.


                        Thanks again for all the input here.


                        Kindest regards,



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                          The white plug in the top left cornner. is the CPU power?????