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    my issue with 5506 bios on dx58so


      switched bios from 5456 to 5506. once it changed over when starting up iwould get the intel screen to enter bios but then the screen went blank with one small blinking line does anyone know the cause for this. had to go back to 5456. i wanted to keep the new bios but only if i can figure out the blank screen. it seemed as if my windows 7 didn't start.

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          I am just wondering if you have tried those steps:


          If you are able to enter the BIOS Setup by pressing F2, reset the  BIOS to factory defaults by pressing F9. Save and exit the BIOS Setup.

          If you cannot enter the BIOS Setup, clear the CMOS:

          1. Turn off all peripheral devices connected to the computer.
          2. Disconnect the computer’s power cord from the AC power source (wall outlet or power adapter).
          3. Remove the computer cover.
          4. Locate the battery on the board (see figure below).
          5. With a medium flat-bladed screwdriver, gently pry the battery  free from its connector. Note the orientation of the “+” and “-” on the  battery.
          6. Wait one hour then replace the battery.
          7. Replace the computer cover.
          8. Plug the computer and all devices back in.


          One more thing: I used to see blinking cursor when the system had a USB memory stick plugged in any usb ports or sd cards or bluetooth devices or wireless keyboard dongle. This happened previously on different systems.


          Try to disable usb boot in the bios and disable boot usb first and see if it makes any difference, Remove any usb media/storage devices connected to the system.


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            exact same problem


            however my windows 7 x64 booted fine

            the curor just blinked about 15 times then the pc started to load


            restarted a few times still have the same problem.


            edit : i updated the bios from the exe in windows, also tried loading defaults in the bios but still get the same.

            the bios screen does flash then it just goes blank with the cursor before loading windows. not a big deal for me as everything is working fine

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              I update my DX58SO with latest 5506 BIOS and did not have any issue.

              Which method are you using to update BIOS? I'm using F7 flash

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                I used the exe method to change to 5506 bios. i like to stay with the latest bios but this is the first time the bios din't change successfully

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                  the only way i could get windows to start was to have a cd in the drive. once i take the cd out and restart,  it would do the same thing again with the blank screen and one blinking line. i put the cd in with the recovery bios but i don't think it downloaded. once windows started i was able to go to intel website and go back to 5456