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    4 series chipset and HD68xx compatibility


      Hello !

      I'm facing a serious problem, I have a Intel DG45ID motherboard (C2D E7400, 2xGo DDR2 800, BQ! PurePower E7 530W...) which run perfectly since I have it.

      I bought a Sapphire HD6850 to change my HTPC to a HT(gamer)PC and that's where the problem started. I get a BSOD as soon as a little power is required from graphic card (can get to Win7, but won't let me play/watch movie, or even browse).


      Before you even tell me about solving the problem, here is what I allready did :

      - Motherboard's BIOS : Up-to-date

      - CMOS : Cleared

      - OS : Fresh new install of Win7x64, with all updates

      - drivers : all last drivers (chipset/CCC/INF....)


      I found a discussion I joined on Guru3D : http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?p=3763316


      We're a few person having this problem and I'm pretty sure that the problem is Intel desktop boards with 4series chipset.

      From the forum above I've listed :

      - Bad Johnny who has a prb with a DQ45CB
      - Bonk
      having the same issue on both P45SG and G41RQ
      - Me (Fabback) having a prb with a DG45ID
      - And a friends PC, which work fine with my HD6850 but on a Gigabyte P45 based MB


      Does anyone else have the same prb ?

      Do you know any way for contacting Intel's support (not only chat) and make them correct the problem ?