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    Can't flash Intel Ethernet card 82576GB with iscsi boot support




      I have tried to flash my network card to enable iscsi boot capabilities using iscsiutl version 15.2 without success.


      This what I have done step by step:


      1) boot on freedos os
      2) use iscsiutl
      2.1: iscsiutl
              -> Actual version: 1.3.35
      2.2: iscsiutl -all -flashenable
              -> Reboot the system to enale the boot ROM on this port
      2.3: reboot

      3) boot on freedos os
      3.1: iscsiutl -all -up
             -> Adaptator not supported by flash firmware on port 1..2..
             -> ERROR: Flash update was unsuccessful


      Chipset: LG 82576GB


      This card is listed as a compatible remote boot iscsi devices.


      Is there a newest version of iscsiutl accepting this card? or a workaround?


      Thanks in advance for your response.