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    Does anyone know if I can run an i7-900 series on an Intel Server board?


      I'm trying to build a new computer, I wanted to use the i7-950 processor but I figured out that the only Intel motherboard supporting i7-900 is the DX58SO. I don't want to waste my money buying a motherboard that isn't capable to fully use the i7 processor features, like the 24 GB of RAM triple channel.


      I need to build this as soon as possible so I can't wait for the DX58SO2, which will be a great motherboard for those i7-900 series.



      Isn't server boards compatible with desktop processors like the i7-950?


      I also saw that there is an equivalent Xeon processor for those i7, with the only difference than supporting ECC memory. For the i7-950 the equivalent Xeon is the W3550, but its motherboard is the WX58BP, almost the same than the DX58SO.



      Thanks in advance!