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    Can I use an i7-900 series on an Intel Server board?


      I'm going to build a new computer. Wanted to use an i7-950 processor and an Intel motherboard. Sadly I found out that the only Intel motherboard for the i7-900 series is the DX58SO. It's a good motherboard, but it is not capable to fully utilize the i7 processor features.


      I was trying to get some info about new Intel motherboard releases but couldn't find trusted information. I know the DX58SO2 is going to be released in some few time, so I'm thinking on moving to a Server board. I need this computer for virtualization purposes and don't want to have an i7 capable of running up to 24 GB RAM - triple channel on a motherboard only capable to use 12 GB RAM - triple channel or 16GB - dual channel.


      Any thouthgs would be appreciated.


      Also, if this is not possible, I will have to buy a Xeon processor, not faster as the i7-950.