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    Intel DP55KG and two different series RAID Cards FYI/9650SE/9750




      Just a heads up--


      I have an Intel DP55KG for my main file server box.
      I have a few cards:


      1. 3ware 9650SE-16ML
      2. 3ware 9650SE-4PML
      3. 3ware 9750-24i


      From power off -> boot, all works well with #2 & #3 in the same system.


      But if you reboot, the 9650SE-4PML does not initialize (where I had my RAID 1), a power off->on fixes it, but this never occurred when I had the two 9650SE's in the same system.


      For now I put all the drives on the 9750-24i and its working good.


      And the Intel board is running the latest BIOS as of 11/25/2010.


      Maybe Intel can release a fix for this.