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    S5000SVN Power Problem


      Hi!  I recently built a server using an S5000XVN motherboard, two 5000 series CPU's and 8g of RAM.  The system powers up, I get the splash screen and it goes through a network boot process, fails (fine, I'm not using network boot) and sits there waiting for a boot device.  Everything seems fine.  So now I need to check everything's working through system Setup.  I press F2 when the system boots.  It pauses for 10 seconds or so and then simply shuts off.


      I looked at my power supply, a dual 400w unit and I find this isn't enough.  So I have a 510w single PS I popped in there.  I got into setup ok and had a look around (it looks good, 2 CPU's, 8g RAM...)  but after about a minute the system just shut off again.


      Do I need a much larger power supply or is this a board problem?