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    Gaming on intel hd


      Hello all, i game on my i3 530 rig with intel hd graphics and 2gigs ram.at first i didnt expect much from it , but turned out that it handled games like modern warfare,half life 2,stalker,etc pretty decently. Before i take it to next level thought might get some opinions from u all.can i play games like crysis,bioshock,black ops,just cause2,nfs shift,starcraft2

      with decent frame rates and acceptable graphics(i dont crave for too much eye candy) or is it too much for graphics chip.max resolution i play on is 1024*768.cant afford a graphics card for now :-( waiting to hear from u all               thanks.:)

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          Your best bet is to get a good add on graphics card that will give you at least 60 FPS , To play most modern games they require 50-60 FPS .. Frames per second , at what ever resalution your screen is . This was hard for me because I have a 28" Hanns-G , So I crossfired two Gigabyte HD 5770-SOC cards , Now I have 66FPS at 1920x1200.