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    dg41ty with core 2 quad q6600 @2.40ghz


      hello everyone

      sorry for my bad english  1st off all

      i have some problem and i need help 

      well i have  case with:

      dg41ty with parallel  with cpu core 2 quad q6600 @2.40ghz

      2 gb ram ddr2

      and hdd sata seagate 320 gb


      i had window xp 64 bit on it and it was working very well

      but now am trying to install window seven 64

      so when it finish format and make last restart , so it wont booting

      and it only appear : press any key if you want to boot from cd  .....

      and then i cant do anything

      and also i had the same problem with window vista

      i had too many other copy of vista and seven and also the same problem 

      and also i have changed the hdd and the dvdrw and same problem

      so can anyone help me  ???
      thx alot  from now