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    Changing DG45ID from SSD/HD to HD/HD/RAID1


      I have a DG45ID currently with an Intel SSD for the C drive and a 500GB HD for documents and general storage. I just picked up two 1.5TB HDs to setup in a RAID1 configuration with two volumes, voulme0 as 100GB for the OS, and volume1 the remainder of the capacity so I don't have to go and reset locations for user folders. I used MS Imagex to take an image of the C drive to avoid doing a reinstall of Windows, which is 7 X64 Pro. The BIOS drive SATA type was set as IDE when I changed it to RAID. So I set up the volumes, wrote the image to the smaller volume, rebooted and got a blue screen. So after much messing about, I came to the conclusion Windows BSOD's when SATA is set to RAID in BIOS, either from SSD or the RAID volume. I did boot up in AHCI and install the Matrix RAID software/drivers, but still BSOD in SATA/RAID mode. I really don't, and won't, reinstall Windows. In the manual for the MoBo, it did have a guide for upgrading to a RAID but doesn't quite work as if I switch to SATA/RAID mode I BSOD and don't get to the OS to image C to a second drive.

      Any suggestions are most welcome, I'd like to get this up and running this weekend.