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    Need help with DX58SO  Plugged in fp audio and fried something??


      EXACT same thing as matt in this post here.





      Now that im looking futher into what happened initialy, I hooked up the HD audio from my case to the "HD audio LINK" on the mother board. And the AC97 from the case to the "HD audio" on the motherboard. Then when i plugged headphones into the front is when it shut off and wouldnt do anything. Could this have effected anything else other than the motherboard?
      I have replaced the motherboard with the same one and now cannot get it to boot,  the fans all come on and no monitor.  I have tried 2 video cards as well.
      What else could I have effected when I did this?  There was a burning smell following me plugging in my headphones to the FP audio.  With that motherboard the LED was on but NO fans or nothing would work.
      ANY help with be amazing., this is extremely stressfull with all this money into a computer :S
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