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    Workstation Board S5520SC Update Package 6.0


      I just bought a Workstation Board S5520SC. Using supplied Bootable CDRom Intel Deployment Assistant I try to Update the system.


      Getting the Update Package 6.0 20 July 10 (the latest) and after downloading I get an Alert window: *Error* Invalid input in file '/tmp/juntura/jsup/flashupdt_da.cfg' at line 29:


      I'm guessing I'm not the only one seeing this message when trying to update their MB in this way. I have been retrying it for several days now. Thought I would try to contact Intel incase they might want to look into it. Searching google returned no resluts. I can't be the only one getting this message? Don't know how else to reach intel about this. Will be using old fashioned update with USB stick.