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    Wireless networking problem


      Hi. I need some help sorting out my wireless network connection. I'm running Windows XP on my HP 2510p and trying to connect to the internet through a home network. I ran the 'ipconfig/all' command and got the following information:


      Windows IP configuration

           Host name: hp2510p

           Primary DNS suffix:

           Node type: unknown

           IP routing enabled: no

           WINS proxy enabled: no


      Ethernet adaptor wireless network connection:

           Connection-specific DNS suffix:

           Description: Intel (R) Wireless Wifi Link 4965AGN

           Physical address: 00-1F-3B-04-17-F3

           Dhcp enabled: Yes

           Auto configuration enabled: yes

           IP address:

           Subnet mask:

           Default gateway:

           DHCP gateway:

           DNS servers:



      I'm able to connect to the network but can't access the internet. If anyone can see what's causing the problem and can offer a step-by-step on how to fix it that would be greatly appreciated.