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    PCI-E slots on Intel Boards


      Can anybody help with a problem I'm having with a LSI SAS3442E-R interface card with a PCI-E (8 Channel) interface, I have tried it with the following Desktop Boards and I am having the following problems: -


      D975XBX2     The card works fine in this board and allows bootable devices and hard drives to be configured as the PC boots via the cards BIOS


      DX38BT         The card locks up the system unless a PCI graphics card is used and then it only boots and registers this card on the second 16 channel slot in the BIOS as an 8 channel device, When the PC boots, the card is not avaliable during boot (no hard drives on this card can be set as bootable devices) and the LSI BIOS is not avaliable, the card initially is not visable in the Device Manager menu but after installation of drivers its visable but does not operate correctly.


      DX48BT2     This opperates the same as the DX38BT, the card only works in PCI-E (16 Channel) slot 2 and does not allow for Bootable devices, no access at boot for the LSI BIOS and shows as a connected devise in the M/B BIOS as a 8 Channel device. On this MB the firmware is the latest avaliable    


      My old D975XBX2 works fine with this card, what did Intel do to these slots on the newer boards to stop them being used as normal interface slots, are they only avaliable for Graphic Cards?


      I have just purchased a DX58SO and hope to connect a OCZ3HSD1IBS1-100G SSD which has a high speed interface card with what looks like a PCI-E (8 Channel) interface, don't tell me this will have the same issues


      Can anybody throw any light on this problem?