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    Dh55tc overheating


      Hi all i need some help. i have a dh55tc mobo n core i3 530 with stock fan problem is cpu gets hot quickly at full load  more than 75 degrees in just about half hour and voltage regulator at 80 and and climbing the cpu fan rotates at about 1000 rpm all time why the hell fan dont speed up? At this rate i think its gonna get fried soon . Someone help.my case is ventillated but no other fan.

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          Make sure one of the push-pins did not come loose?? On your CPU cooler.

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            I don't think the processor fan will spin more than this speed, even I have the i5 series CPU the fan spins under 1000 RPM.

            If we compare with other series processor the FAN rPM is less, i think this is the expected speed in i5 series..


            Regarding voltage regulator temprature, 80 C is normal temp at full load..


            I suggest to download and install the latest IDU from below URL..




            This will clarify all your doubts, processor and Voltage regulator temparture will not cross the limit ever.. (older IDU version got few issues)




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              Thanks for the reply.

              But cpu fan can run faster i used speedfan to crank it up to 2000rpm.but i dont see any way to run it at full without 3rd party  software due to intel QST ****.can u tell what temps are u getting at full load.

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                For me the temprature of the processor went up to 75 C at 100 % load.

                Voltage regulator temprature went up to 85 at 100 % load.

                With the previous IDU version, i use dto get teh warning msg about the voltage regulatore temp..

                However after updating IDU I can see that the voltage regulatore temprature upper limit changed back to 115 and the warning disappeared.


                I reccomend you to update the IDU and check is there any temp going above the recommended limit or not?