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    Core i5-760 defect?


      Hi everyone!

      I often build some computers for my friends and usually they work without any problems, but not this time.

      The setup was the following:

      Intel Core i5-760

      Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3

      4 GB DDR3-1333/1600 RAM

      Zotac GeForce GTX 460

      Be Quiet Straight Power 600W


      The problem itself is quite strange. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 from different sources (disc, USB stick) and sometimes it had an error and just rebooted. But when everything worked I hat the Windows 7 boot screen, at least.

      Now what's quite funny is, that I can install most 64 bit programs without any problem (e.g. graphics driver didn't work properly, couldn't even unpack it), but when it comes to x86 applications, they simply close itself, e.g. Firefox oder IE.


      What I did:

      MemTest for almost 10 hours - no errors

      sent the mainboard 2 times to the retailer, but they sent it back because they couldn't find any error


      And I almost went crazy. My friend hates me because he is waiting for already 2 months. And I don't know where the problem is. Gigabyte told me to send it directly to them with the description 'PCH/AHCI error' (yes, I forgot to mention, that 2 of the SATA controllers didn't work properly as well and the GTX 460 runs only in the second PCIe slot with only 4 lanes).

      What do you think what I should do? Send it back to retailer and get another mainboard? Send it to Gigabyte and hope, that it's really defect? Or send in the processor?


      I never had a defect processor, but everything can happen. I mean the i5-760 was quite new when we bought it


      Whatever the solution is, thanks for your help and every answer!


      Philipp from Germany

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          BIOS support for this board is up to F9.

          What BIOS do you have?




          VersionSizeDateDownload HereDescription
          F90.89 MB2010/11/01Asia China America Europe Europe(Russia) : FTP / Http
          1. Update SATA RAID ROM
          F80.89 MB2010/08/12Asia China America Europe Europe(Russia) : FTP / Http
          1. Enhanced memory compatibility
          F70.89 MB2010/07/30Asia China America Europe Europe(Russia) : FTP / Http
          1. Improve USB3.0 compatibility
          F60.88 MB2010/06/25Asia China America Europe Europe(Russia) : FTP / Http
          1. Improve Intel Turbo Boost compatibility
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            "The retailer couldn't find any error" - and in the same time 2 SATA ports are not working and the VC is only working on the second PCI-E ? Phillip you are in EU and we have quite qood customer protection laws, make them replace the board with another brand in the same price range ( anyway this is not the best board for i5 by my opinion ) .

            Tried x86 OS? With only 4 Gb you don't need the 64 and just for testing sake you should try.


            Try to write down the error code and any exceptions that the OS may throw at you so you can pinpoint the problem.

            But if you can just try the CPU on another board and/or the board with another CPU, the RAM may not give errors under memtest 86(+) but still there could be compatibility issue ( check compatible mem modules on gigabyte site for the board ), try different mem modules, increase the voltage on both memory ( try ) and then also cpu ( try again ) - see if it's stable. Disable all auto OC functions and turbo boost and try again, disable hardware virtualization if not going to use it, just try to pinpoint the problem.

            For me it's the MB, faulty CPU's don't work at all or you can not even go thru install and they throw exceptions.

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              By the way, the Core i5 was defect indeed. Sent it in to Intel and now everything works perfectly. Sh*t happens