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    Stuck at Intel Splash Screen


      Hi there,


      I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what my computer's problem is.


      When I last restarted my computer (after it has been running for about a week straight), it never gets past the Intel splash screen.

      In the bottom-right corner of the screen, it is stuck on post code 66.


      I am using a DP55KG board.


      I also notice that it does not look like my usb keyboard is working, as if the usb hub is dead.

      Perhaps it doesn't start because it can't find the keyboard?


      I have looked all over the internet and have not been able to find a solution.


      After reading around a bit, I thought it may have been a problem with my BIOS.

      Following that lead, I tried unplugging the computer and removing the battery to reset the BIOS.


      I left the battery out for about five minutes, put it back it, same problem, stuck at post code 66.


      I really need to fix this, I have a big project I need to do and can't even get Windows started.


      Thank you for any help or advice that you can provide.