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    Change drive letter


      I just installed a new 120GB ssd in my desktop and made it the boot drive.  Works fine.

      Now I would like to make it the C drive but XP won't allow changing the original C drive to another letter.

      How can one work around this?

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          This is not a SSD bug that you can't have it your C drive just so you know.


          There is a reason why its not your C drive and it depends on how your computer is setup. Now because this it your boot drive there is really no way you can fix that without reinstalling.


          So how did you install windows on this SSD? By XP CD fresh install or was it a clone?


          Now something is taking the drive letter C in place of your boot drive what is it? Look in my My computer and see what it is.

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            Thanks for explaining that Peter.


            I loaded the ssd as a clone using the Intel migration software. Windows made it the E drive, then I set it as the boot drive in the bios, as Intel recommended.


            When I look in My Computer, the ssd is listed as the C drive.  I can tell because it is smaller capacity than my original hdd.

            The Intel doc that came with the drive (the new 120GB model) says you can remove your old hdd if you want.

            I'm wondering if I unplugged it, then I could maybe change the E to C, then plug it back in again and make it E.

            What do you think?  I'm a developer, but obviously not for Windows.

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              Ok so your SSD is C drive?