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    dx58so & Corsair Dominator wont work at 1600mhz




      I am new here and I have a question regarding dx58so motherboard.


      I have dx58so motherboard and corsair dominator 1600mhz ram, and can not get it to work on 1600. I can set Xmp 1600 profile in bios, it shows proposed speed 1600, but upon restart it works in xmp1600 profile, but speed is 1080mhz.


      I use the most recent bios and still it won't work on 1600.


      Am I doing it wrong, or is there a trick, or should I ditch dx58so?







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          Had a real similar problem just yesterday, Intel's XMP proflie set the RAM volts at 1.9 volts when the RAM was supposed to be 1.5 . would not Boot. So I coppied all of the XMP Profile , down on a pice of paper , than went to user defined , and set all the numbers the same except for the VOLTS and set the volts at 1.5 Booted right No problems since.

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            I did that, but I can not set uncore multiplier  to 24 since it seems to be locked on 16.

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              Are you just trying to set the ram to 1600, or are you trying to overclock the cpu as well?

              Either way give the settings you are trying to use..

              cpu multiplier

              host clock frequency

              turbo boost on/off

              ddr multiplier

              uncore multi


              At a base clock freqency of 133 (although the 58XO reports 135) and a ddr multi of 8 would give the 1080 (8*x135), this would give a uncore of 16 (16x135=2160)

              To acheive a 1600 ddr with a base clock would requier a ddr multi of 12 (12x135=1620) giving an uncore of 24 (24x135=3240).

              Any changes to the clock freqency would then change the results.