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    ETI's SCC Development Framework Available


      MARC community,

         ETI has released a beta version of it's "SCC Development Framework". This framework will allow you to boot the chip in bare metal and jump to your user code. It leaves the chip in supervisor mode, so you have access to all aspects of the chip. It also includes the following features:
        * A software development toolchain based on GNU binutils and gcc to compile C codes.
        * Full libc support
        * Debugging support
        * A Linux simulation environment to develop codes and test on Linux without the need for an SCC chip.
        * A launcher to run programs on SCC and communicate with cores on the device.
        * A streaming API to communicate to/from any core .
        * An MPI implementation that supports most of MPI 1.1 and some of MPI2.

      If you are interested in beta-testing this framework, please email scc-support@etinternational.com for download instructions.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to email scc-support@etinternational.com.

      ETI SCC Development Team.