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    X58 chipset problems with HD6870 card


      I have the following PC


      Gigabyte GA-X58-ud5 motherboard

      Bios latest F12

      Intel I7 94 2.92ghz

      12gb Kingston memory

      X58 chipset

      Sata drives x4

      Burners x2

      Current Graphics card is a Gigabyte 9600 GT

      Fusion HDTV card

      Antec 1000 watt Truepower Quattro power supply


      The above system works with no problems.


      Purchased Gigabyte HD6870 graphics card to use in this system. Trouble is that after removing the 9600 GT and putting in the HD6870 I get no video output, even the startup screen does not show. PC seems to be starting up but no display output at all. Have tried both DVI outputs and also the DVI to SVGA dongle as well.


      I have uninstalled all Nividia drivers and used Driver Sweep to make sure that they are gone, but still no joy.


      Tried the HD6870 in another X58 chipset PC and it would not work either


      Put the HD6870 in an older PC and it works correctly.


      Does anyone have any idea's or suggestions

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          That is an annoying problem, no question.  Your PC sure looks like it can handle this card, meaning the power supply and motherboard.   I can't offer you any solution, sorry to say, but a little bit of information, FWIW...


          I found a PC hardware review website that reviewed multiple Radeon 6850 graphics cards using an X58 chipset motherboard, so that in itself does not seem to be the problem.  Similar 6870 cards are also used in the review, you can check that here:




          You did not mention your OS in your post.  Also, what is the "old PC" that your card functioned in like?  Is there anything in common with the other X58 PC you tried the 6870 on and your PC?  Could your HDTV card have an issue with your 6870?


          Given you have a Gigabyte motherboard, and Gigabyte graphics card, what do they say about your issue?

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            Problem update


            Thanks "Parsec" for the info. Gigabyte are still looking at it


            OS is Win7 64 bit


            Found a chipset update at Gigabyte (9.12.1007) which I downloaded and installed it


            Moved the card to PCIex2 slot

            Set bios to use this slot for graphics

            Installed card


            I now get output on the screen but only when using the DVI to SVGA adapter. Trying to run from the DVI only cable gives me a output but only in 640x480 mode and will not allow any changes. At least I have output to work with for more trouble shooting


            An advantage of the chipset update is that I can now see both burners at boot time so it must have updated the INF.

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              You're welcome, and glad you have it up and running, to a degree of course.


              So it seems that the management software for your 6870 will not allow you to adjust the resolution?  Plus you are stuck with a DVI to VGA convertor?  You sure are trying everything and giving this card a chance!


              Did you check out the Gigabyte support forums for any help?  I am curious to see what the resolution to this issue is, assumming that you find it.  Good luck!!

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                This problem is now fixed, there was an incompatibility between the BIOS and the X58.


                Thanks need to go to ATI/AMD and Gigabyte for time expended on fixing this problem.


                Gigabyte, after some trying and testing on my end, came up with a modified BIOS to suit my PC's m/b and another BIOS to suit my other PC. Both had X58 chipsets.


                So if anyone is having similar problems with this card and X58 then contact your m/b manufacturer for an updated BIOS

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                  I'm glad you you finally have your problem resolved.  From your description, it sounds like you have a custom BIOS from Gigabyte, is that correct?  Are they going to offer that BIOS to other owners of this mother board?


                  Regardless, that is amazing that you were able to get that kind of response from them.  Then again, if you found a major problem that could affect others, than I'm not surprised they fixed their BIOS. Given you had two BIOS updates from them, I'd love to know how you managed to get that kind of response out of them, good work!

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                    It seems that if you request help and give them decent information (not just "it does not work") they seem willing enough to help solve the problem.


                    You must be prepared to wait as well as you may not be the only one with a problem.


                    I gave them details of all the steps I had done followed by all the testing I had done including what software used in the testing. This helps them with a starting point. I also gave details of hardware, BIOS and which version of the INF I was using.


                    I do not know whether this update will get through to the next revision of the BIOS.

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                      See earlier post, relating to a BIOS update

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                        Glad to hear you sorted your problem have you noticed any latency problems with that board, I have the same board and the latency in the drivers is way over the top just wondering if its just me.

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                          I don't want to sound cynical, but the Radeon HD6800 series graphics cards and Barts GPU were released recently, and X58 motherboards are recent products too, so if a new Gigabyte graphics card fails to work on a recent Gigabyte mother board, that should get their attention.  Regardless, you did Gigabyte a favor by communicating this problem to them and AMD, the least they could do was provide you a fix.  It amazes me that at this time products can be released that are so sophisticated and tested and yet just plain fail on their most basic task.


                          I would be surprised if you alone were the only one experiencing this problem, or perhaps you are the first or one of the first.  IMO, quite an amazing story, and only adds to my feeling that it is a miracle that PC work at all!

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                            Shoa, not sure what you mean but I have not noticed any delays when using "Flight Sim X"

                            I am using what I believe are the latest drivers for this card from ATI (2D - and 3D -


                            Hope this helps

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                              Parsec, I am cynical as well but I give everyone a chance to redeem theirselves. You just never know but I may be the first to give them the right info to fix the problem. Maybe people with a problem do not know where to take the problem, they may just go back to the shop and get their money back rather than persevere, then mark it down to a bad experience.

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                                I have been having problems with multiplayer games disconnecting a lot could not figure out the problem then i found a little program stand alone called latency checker, which checks the  drivers for latency :




                                If the graph goes in to the red then the driver is delaying and as a result gives lag to the computer mine goes past the red to the moon and back but if i shut down the SMBus driver it almost corrects itself back to the green on idle.


                                If you get a chance can you give it a go please would be helpful to me to see what your results are you do not have to install its just a executable.

                                I have my own thread about this but no anwer yet.



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                                  Shoa, I downloaded that utility and ran it on my PC, the results are:


                                  Test Interval 1000 us

                                  Latency 97-120

                                  Max  232


                                  Green line at 500


                                  Running the TV on the PC made no difference

                                  Running Flight Sim X took the max to 232 but only occasionally.


                                  Maybe you have something wrong with your PC. I keep my PC clean, that is once I used a utility and not using it again I get rid of it and then use "Driver Sweeper" to clean up. Same goes for any test applications. I also clean up the 'Temp" directories etc as well on a weekly basis as some programs do not clean up properly when they close - MS applications are known for this.


                                  The end result is I have only apps and modules that I use all the time.


                                  Hope this helps

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                                    Thanks will have to format and start again see what the problem is and which driver is making the syatem unstable by watching the program as I install each driver.

                                    Annoying as I use a lot of programs and software in web design.

                                    thanks again

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