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    Mainboard settings


      Hi all,


      I was wondering if someone on this form knows of a good standard default BIOS setup for the i5.

      I recently bought an i5 760 and installed it into an MSI P55 GD65 and also fitted 4 gb of Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 memory and topped off with a Sapphire HD5770 graphics card.

      Since then, I have been troubled with slow startup or programmes not starting properly/corrupted etc.

      As the i5 is configured differently to the i7 and the basic manual you get just refers you to Intel I have to admit to being a bit perplexed by all the settings.

      Can anyone tell me what i5 supports (C1E support etc)?

      I'd be most obliged for any help at all.



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          Refer to the document below:



          The cpu supports c1e. page 14/94


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            Thanks for that. I am using XP at the moment and was wondering if that causes any of the problems.

            Also I'm running the HDDs on IDE mode, one of them having the SATAIII standard.?

            I downloaded the test software and the memory test failed!

            I don't know why that should be?

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              It is very unlikely for the OS to have any issues if the board supports windows XP. However, it is difficult to comment on a third party motherboard, it could be a bios issues.


              Try to check memory compatibility and also verify if there is any new bios version, before updating read the read me file for the new bios release.


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                Hi thanks for those answers,


                it could be a BIOS issue, I'm pretty sure that the board supports Win XP which is why I am currently trying to find out what exactly I can enable on my BIOS settings e.g. HPET enabled/disabled. I would like to know, for example, how exactly (regards BIOS) the i5 should be set up compared to the i7 (or even i3) as the P55A GD65 from MSI is suitable for all these CPUs.



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                  It seems it was the memory chips. I solved this ages ago, just replaced my beloved WD Raptors (11,000 rpm discs) with a cheap Caviar Black HD, didn't solve it then I replaced the cheap Corsair modules with very expensive GSkill RAM modules that seemed to do it. Whether or not the Corsair modules were not 100% compatible as their module selector (and MSI's own too) said, or if they were defective "out of the box"?


                  I shall probably never know. Anyway, if the Blue screen appears again with "Does not exceed or equal to..." I shall know what to do.