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    Faulty xeon x3440?




      my spec (bought 3 months ago):


      Intel XEON X3440
      DFI LanParty DK P55-T3eH9 LGA1156
      Galaxy GeForce GTS250 1GB DDR3/256b D/H LP
      4 x DDR3 Goodram 2GB PC1333 CL9
      OCZ Stealthxstream 2 500W
      4 x Samsung 500GB HD502HJ SATA II 16MB (RAID 10)

      Windows 7 64bit


      Prime95 shows an error after few seconds of tests (not always, somtimes a can ran a test for 20 min and no error).

      During this test my CPU warms up to about 85C! (box heatsink came with CPU - checked, put new thermal paste - everything ok)


      From time to time i have some software (Photoshop, Sculptris, Blender, Mental Ray) crashes (always Exception code 0x00000005).

      Tested RAM with Memtest86, booted my system with each one of them seperatly - no problem.

      I have my drivers up to date, bios as well.

      Reinstalled Windows a few times.

      Beside all that it runs quite well. (maybe it feels a little too slow for that spec)


      Does that point to a CPU issue?


      Thank you in advance!