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    AMT provisioning with COMODO cert



      Hi all,



      I've trying to explore the vPro capabilities by settingup a lab environment with LANDesk Management Suite 8.8. Am trying to do zero-touch provisioning of the AMT 3.x systems i have in my test environment(Model: Dell Optiplex 755) Am aware that i will need any one of the following certificates VeriSign G1, VeriSign G3, GoDaddy, Comodo, Starfield.



      I googled to to find that COMODO offers SSL certs for free.(Source: http://www.instantssl.com/ssl-certificate-products/free-ssl-certificate.html)



      Will this cert work if i use it for AMT provisoning...????



      As it a test environment, i can't afford to buy a verisign certificate(600$).



      Any help regarding this would be great..