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    S5000VSA/ PSL with 8x4GB = 32GB Ram?




      I built up a Servers consisting of:


      Intel S5000VSA (Rev E11xxx-xxx)

      8x4GB Kingston KVR667D2D4F5/4G PC667 / CL5 / x4 / Fully Buffered


      When starting up the machine the board only shows 16GB Ram, all dimm slots installed and a major error 8510 - system can only handle 16GB


      When I take out 4 modules of those 8 I also get 16GB Ram, so the modules are correctly detected. Before ordering the Ram I looked up technical product specification which said that the S5000VSA can handle 32GB Ram, same for the PSL...


      The board has the latest bios installed.


      Is there any possibility to get 32GB Ram working on that machine, do I need other Ram modules or might I get the modules working on a S5000PSL which I could also get from my dealer for a good price...



      Thanks in advance!