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    Intel Chipset missing from Device Manager


      Pretty much as the title says; I've been trying to identify which Intel chipset I have for my Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 Quad Core Processor. I've tried each of the methods outlined here:




      to no avail (Device Manager didn't show it, the utility wouldn't work, processor manual didn't specify it, couldn't determine what the "chip markings" meant). The following is a picture of what the Device Manager is showing:




      The reason I've been trying to find out what chipset I've got is so I can update it's drivers and *hopefully* stabilize my constantly crashing machine. I'm going to be calling the manufacturer later today, but I thought I'd ask the folks on this forum if there was anything else I could try doing to identify my chipset and move on with installing up-to-date drivers.


      Any helpful comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!