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    DH55HC + i3 530 C1e disabling




      I have DH55HC + i3 530. I am running Truecrypt 7.0a which suffers the known problem of resulting in the system freezing for about 10-40s several times after resume from hibernation and randomly otherwise, pausing disk access. It is recommended to try disabling C1e "enhanced halt state", but this option is not available on the Power page of my BIOS setup. I do see options for disabling EIST, CPU C states (all below C1, I guess) and C2 state, but nothing specifically for C1e.


      BIOS version is latest (0040). The Intel processor ID utility 4.23 asserts C1e is available, although PC Wizard 2010 1.96 that it is not (enabled/available?). Why is the setting not available?


      Or, if anyone has a similar problem with Truecrypt and has found another solution, please inform . Windows 7 64-bit here, all recommended Windows updates, and internal SATA.


      Thank you.