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    Problem installing RST


      So I have a bit of an older but very good mobo.  Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3  version 1.  It has one of the latest bios with AHCI enabled.

      I picked up a Corsair F60 SSD week back, installed Windows 7 on it but  it installed msahci driver.  I tried installing the latest RST and it  says my system does not meet the minimum requirements.  Tried to install  the drivers manually by adding my hardware id to the inf files and it  wouldn't install.  When I forced it to install by manually selecting the  driver it bluescreened on me.

      I know I installed the RST drivers before with my old setup of WD black drive.

      I believe my mobo uses an ICH8 controller.  Any insight as to what I can  do to get it to install.  Even running the latest rst driver on the  intel site for my chipset gives me same minimum requirement error.