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    Keyboard locked on BIOS screen when provisioned with SCCM 2007 SP1






      I seem to have encountered another strange issue (or is it a feature) when using the Out of Band management console in SCCM 2007 SP1 to manage vPro clients. If I access the BIOS on a client once using SOL on the OOB console, I cannot then access the BIOS directly on the machine. The F2 keypress works and shows me the initial BIOS screen, but the keyboard locks up. I did NOT select Lock Keyboard in the OOB console when I booted to BIOS.



      My problem is compounded by the fact that the machine is no longer properly provisioned in SCCM. This means that I cannot connect to it via OOB console, and hence I'm completely locked out of the BIOS. Even using the motherboard jumper to go into maintenance mode does not work, since the keyboard remains locked even in maintenance mode.



      My questions are - a) Is this a security feature or a known issue?  and b) How do I do a hard reset of the bios?



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