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    wireless adapter connects only after one minute delay and errors


      I have a new laptop with centrino ultimate n 6300, intel i5 processer, windows 7 pro, linksys e2000 router.  After shutdown or sleep, computer connects to the wireless network only after 1min 15 sec delay.  Another windows 7 computer with a generic adapter has no problem connecting on the same network, same router, immediately on wake up from sleep. I get the same delay with the new comupter on other wireless networks with other routers.


      Intel wireless event log reveals the following:  on going into sleep,"deviceloCtrls24NDIS - dot11ExNicSpecificExtension failed"

      Also," DeviceloCtrlS24NDIS : (2) Failed to send OID 0xff100009 to driver.  Error"

      Then deletes flows, removes adapters;


      Then when it wakes up, same errors as quoted above, then adds adapters, then a one minute 4 second delay, then connects.


      At the suggestion of the computer seller, I exchanged the adapter for a new one, but nothing changed.  I am about ready to return the computer and give up.  This must be some kind of a software problem, but I am already way over my head.  I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.  Thanks.