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    Duo 2 Quad 4 Processors AT80569PJ080N vs BX80569Q9650


      I am at the point of choosing a processor for my box package and ran across this hiccup when reviewing the specs for the BX80569Q9650,

      There was an indication that it was available Halogen Free.

      It turns out that the Halogen Free version is processor AT80569PJ080N.

      Having never ran into the phrase Halogen Free with regard to a processor I am totally lost as to what it means as well as the significance of the property.

      In layman's terms what is the difference between the processors and does Halogen Free make one better than the other. I am not a gamer but want to get all the processing speed I can out of this build.

      Should I disregard this feature and go plain vanilla or is there some attribute of the board with that is marked as HF that would be beneficial long term?

      I just don't have a clue about the value of HF.

      Help would be appreciated