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    Video Card Geforce SE7520BD2V


      Hello All,


      I'm currently changing some hardware on this server, it has a intel server board SE7520BD2V


      I  want to buy a  video Card:

      [ EVGA nVidia GeForce 9500GT 9500 GT 1GB PCI-E Video Card ]


      But the specifications that I've got mention that PCI Express are 8x and 4x however the card is for 16x


      Video Interface Type: PCI Express 2.0 x16



      Does anyone know if that card is compatible with the system ?


      Thanks in advance

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          The SE7520BD2V server board has one PCI-Express x8 slot that is actually is x4 signals routed to a x8 physical connector. The video adapter you indicate is a x16 card. You can't "down-plug" PCI-Express cards because an expansion card with a higher number of lanes (the "x" value) physically won't fit into an expansion slot with a lower number of lanes. For example, a x16 expansion card won't fit into a x8, x4, or x1 slot.


          For more  information on the SE7520BD2V, see the server board Technical Product Specification.