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    What is the difference between various xeon x5680 CPUs


      I am confused regarding the difference between these two xeon 5680 CPUs:

      Manufacturer Part # AT80614005124AA


      Manufacturer Part # BX80614X5680


      According to the specs here:


      there are differences, most notably support for, or the lack of support for SIMD.

      Are they really different? I intend to use these CPUs on a workstation, rendering video and 3D rendering, not on a server. I will use two CPUs on a EVGA classified SR2 mobo designed for two xeon CPUs.

      My Norwegian dealer lists the #BX80614X5680 as "boxed", the other as "OEM", but I have no clue why one is boxed, because none of them come with a fan (cooler) as I am used to.