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    NIC Teaming with option SFT




      I have a question about teaming with the option Switch Fault Tolerance (SFT).


      Here's my situation.


      I have a Windows 2008 R2 (Standard) server witch i have to connect to 2 different switches (HP ProCurve 3500yl).

      The server must be connected to the switches but 1 Port must be active the other Port must be on stand-by incase the primary would fail or the link has lost.


      -For the information i use an Intel Gigabit ET Dual port Server Adapter (Latest Drivers from 11/11/2010)-


      After some research i came to the conclusion that in my case it would be best to use teaming and with the option SFT.


      After installing the drivers, i made the team with the option SFT and started testing. When the links are lost that are directly connected to the Port it wil switch to the secondary Port but when i remove the links to the switch en leave the directly connected link (From Port to switch) intact. It wil not switch to the secondary Port. It notes that STP must be activated. So I checked on the switches and it notes the spanning-tree is activated.


      Is there an option that the NIC checks it connection to the root bridge and if that connection is lost it will automatically switch to the stand-by port.




      Giovanni Steernberg