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    Usage of different SMPS form factor will damage the board?


      I am having DH55TC mothebroard with one ATX SMPS.


      Current Values of my SMPS are :


      +3.3V – 22 A
      +5V – 12 A
      +12V2 – 24A
      -12V –  0.5A
      +5V – 2.0A


      However according to Intel documentation the compatible form factor is Micro ATX with current values..


      +3.3V – 5 A
      +5V – 20 A
      +12V2 – 16 A
      -12V –  0.3 A
      +5V – 1.5 A


      I am facing the power on issue with my system, processor fan spins for few secconds then it stops.

      Will the power supply form factor ake this issue.