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    Intel D845BG/D845PT, AGP Card voltages.




      It says to use a 1.5 volt 4x AGP card, but must I only get a 1.5 volt card because that has been hard to find. I seen lots of cards keyed for both 1.5 and 3.3 volts but not sure if they will work. A tech support person on a website that sells older pc stuff said one slotted for both volatages might work but to be sure I should look for one that is 1.5 volt only.


      Also what about the cards that says 4x/8x AGP or 2x/4x AGP are those ok or must I find one that is only 4x? I tried a card slotted for both voltages but I am not sure if the card was good or not so that didnt tell me anything. Please anyone help, I am trying to set this pc up for someone and am stuck at this spot on what card to buy (and where, lol. I only seem to find cards slotted for both not 1.5 volt only).




      Manual says:


      The AGP connector is keyed for 1.5 V AGP cards only.  Do not attempt to install a legacy 3.3 V

      AGP card.  The AGP connector is not mechanically compatible with legacy 3.3 V AGP cards.

      The AGP connector supports AGP add-in cards with 1.5 V Switching Voltage Level (SVL). 

      Legacy 3.3 V AGP cards are not supported.