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    SCM2 init problem "component unfit"


      I have an Intel modular server that has been running great using a single SCM. We recently decided to add the second SCM in order to spread the disk I/O load and increase performance.


      However, after inserting the second SCM, it initializes and seems to load fine and I see the following event messages (in order):


      1. "Storage subsystem controllers are redundant"

      2. "Failback started to partner controller"

      3. "Failover of partner SCM due to user action or controller failure"


      This seems to be as it should be, but then I get the following:


      1. "Storage subsystem controllers are no longer redundant"

      2. "SCM2 Fault LED has been illuminated."

      3. "Component Unfit"


      I have verified that each SCM works correctly when it is inserted as SCM1, so I know they both work. This behavior only occurs when the second SCM is added.


      I have tried looking at the diagnostics data for the storage subsystem, but the zip file it downloads seems to be password protected.



      Here are the system specs:



      7 SATA drives

      7 SAS drives

      System Firmware:

      SCM Firmware: (same on both)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.