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    Pro/1000 MT - Driver does not update


      I am having difficulty trying to update the driver for the Intel Pro/1000MT Dual port adapter on Windows 2003 Standard x64.



      I have downloaded the newest drivers, ran the installer.

      However  when checking the properties of the adapter, the installed driver  version listed is still from 2008 even though the newest driver was  released in 2010.


      I've tried uninstalling from Add/Remove Programs and device manager and installing again, same problem.

      If  i go in to the device properties then try to upgrade the driver and  point it at where the setup program seems to put the INF files, it says  that no better driver than the currently installed one can be found.


      Any ideas as to what (if anything) i may be doing wrong?



      thank you.

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          what is the version you tried installing? is it 15.7 on the web?


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            The latest driver for your adapter is dated 08/20/2008 and is version number The software updates that you see posted on intel.com are compatible with older adapter designs like yours, but the driver component for your adapter is very stable and no longer gets updated.


            The other software in the package does get updated. The exact files updated in each package are mostly focused on adding support for new adapters and adding support for features that are available in the latest hardware. Although many components of the package are updated each year, the driver for your adapter is not one of components that is updated.


            Here are some referneces related to our Intel® Ethernet software updates.


            What is new in the latest Intel® Ethernet Software release? lists the major changes for each release over the past few years.

            Intel® Ethernet historical driver and software version numbers shows the driver versions in recent software packages.


            If your computer has Internet access, the easiest way to check for the latest drivers is to use the Intel® Driver Update Utility. This handy utility keeps you from having to look up all the driver versions. You can let the utility do the work for you.


            Mark H

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              Thank you.


              That explains it. i was expecting if a package was dated 2010 then the driver should have been updated.



              I will open up a case with support on the card in general then.

              I've found that when receiving very large transfers (300+GB) that the NIC eventually slows to a crawl.


              It will start out transferring at over 20MB/s then eventually drop down to 1-2MB/s


              On the destination server that has the NIC i have all offloading enabled, i've doubled the receive descriptors and haven't seen much help.


              The SYSTEM process will use up 50-70% of the cpu, process monitor shows something related to mmisdriververifying


              It is a decent server, quad core xeon CPU, 8GB of ram.  Storage is a high end adaptec card with a 6 disk RAID10 array.

              I haven't been able to figure out why this happens.