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    Help me for usb problem on DG43NB board


      I have MX3200 Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse with single usb receiver, in win7-64bit system keyboard is detected as HID keyborad device but mouse is detected as unkown device. The strange thing is:

      - on back there is 6 USB ports, only one port detect both keyboard and mouse on same time. On other 5 ports no mouse is detected, on some ports no keyboard detected. (this problem has been for 3 weeks)

      - My usb 2.5 HDD is working in all USB ports

      - Yesterday I found an electrical problem on cable between LCD tv and graphic card, and my graphic card had been burned. Now I am using mainboard graphic unit.

      -  I check MX3200 on notebook, and there is no problem.

      - I am using latest drivers from Intel board support page.


      Now my question: is there problem on hardware in USB ports? or problem on win7 USB driver (may be cabs)?