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    ICH Raid member disk reset to non-raid


      Hello all,


      I'm using ICH9R that contains two RAID volumes, a RAID0 and a RAID1, both containing two harddisks. Yesterday, I starts expriencing BSOD in Windows, and today even worse, a disk in the RAID0 volume and a disk in the RAID1 volume are identified as Non-RAID disks. I experienced this before. At that time, I used two disks to build a matrix RAID and the RAID0 portion was totally lost. The main point I want to say is when the RAID was built again, both disks functioned well. That means, the disks themselves should have no problem. I suppse the only problem should be the BIOS of the ICH RAID controller to identify the disks as member or not. Therefore I really want to ask if anyone had the problem as mine and can solve it easier than rebuilding the RAID volumes (and even better if data on RAID0 can be preserved)?


      Thanks a lot!